The Oak Tree Review is an independent resource for intrepid knowledge-seekers with a passion for psychedelia. At its core is the investigation of psychedelic culture throughout history, especially its manifestations in art and literature.

The first version of the website went live in May 2009. Contentwise, it had a clear focus on 1960s counterculture. Although the project was started in the late 2000s, the earliest articles were actually based on interviews made already in 2003.

In February 2017, The Oak Tree Review was relaunched with a new look and a slightly updated concept. Also, the web address no longer included the definite article. While the website continues to explore groups within the counterculture, Oak Tree 2.0 also places emphasis on artistic aspects of the psychedelic experience.

Stylistically, inspiration comes from the “New Journalism” of the 1960s, as well as essayistic and scholarly writings from the 18th century to the present day. The aim is to always present well-written, thoroughly researched and insightful material for both curious and well-informed readers.

About the Editor

Henrik Dahl is the founding editor of The Oak Tree Review. He is an arts writer based in southern Sweden. Learn more about his work at henrikdahl.se